Productivity tools

Eliminate paperwork with automated forms and processes to save time and increase visibility of your processes.

Workflow engine

Workflow engine

  • Replace paperwork with electronic workflow forms with email alerts for authorisations
  • 'Task inbox' for users gives an instant view of outstanding tasks and approvals
  • Integrate workflow engine with other business systems for extended visibility into your operations
  • Our consultants work closely with you to understand your needs and set up the best workflow forms suited to your operations
  • Access Document Management

Access Document Management

  • Centralised and secure electronic storage for all of your business correspondence
  • All file formats supported from Excel and Word to emails, images and reports
  • Access Document Management can look up documents held in any SQL based database
  • Tag documents with customisable attributes for quick filing and retrieving
  • Strong version control features give you clear visibility of who made what changes and when

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Access Document Management
Application programme interface - API

Application programme interface - API

  • Integrate your website and e-commerce systems with Access SupplyChain for the instant collection and processing of sales orders
  • Collect data from shop floor machinery to keep an accurate picture of operations with real-time alerts
  • Automatically validate, update and store feedback for all of your records to and from third-party applications
  • API easily integrates with other applications for example: websites or 'time and attendance' systems enabling the streamlined import of orders, timesheet and pay information

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Access ERP brings together all of your operational and financial requirements. Helping over 2,000 supply chain operators, we are continuously improving our software to meet the latest needs of manufacturers and distributors in the most effective way.

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Mike Cosby

Access Supply Chain is helping us scrutinise every area of our business. It's already saved us thousands of pounds through greater efficiency and faster access to information

Mike Cosby - Finance Director, Burts Potato Chips