Production and planning

Replace planning spreadsheets with intelligent planning and scheduling software to save time, reduce human error and easily plan for contingencies.

Planning and scheduling

Planning and scheduling

  • Our advanced planning and scheduling functionality replaces complex spreadsheets with visual, intuitive, drag and drop Gantt chart tools
  • ‘Work to’ lists can be created for shop floor staff to follow
  • Eliminate the time spent on and errors brought about by complex Excel spreadsheets

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Production management

  • Easily issue and control materials for works orders, and take advantage of backflushing to save time where appropriate
  • Make material substitutions on specific kits or bills of materials, with associated documentation and replenishment tasks automatically created
  • Process routings can be amended on specific works orders
  • Automatic creation of production documentation saves time and eliminates errors
  • Manage tooling requirements by taking production process details and matching to your orders and forecasts
Production management
Shop floor data collection - SFDC

Shop floor data collection - SFDC

  • Easily capture information from the shop floor via touchscreen and handheld terminals or devices
  • Machinery and equipment can be integrated to the system, to provide real-time information updates
  • Operation progression can be measured simply as jobs move through production
  • Clock on and off option available on specific jobs to measure total duration for operations

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Access ERP brings together all of your operational and financial requirements. Helping over 2,000 supply chain operators, we are continuously improving our software to meet the latest needs of manufacturers and distributors in the most effective way.

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Dave Clark

I’ve worked in companies with different software, but this is fantastic. I use it for anything from producing management accounts through to ad hoc queries. I simply enter a formula into an Excel spreadsheet, and it draws the data directly from the system. Each time I open the spreadsheet it refreshes the data immediately.

Dave Clark - Head of warehouse and production