Improved reporting

Keep decision makers informed with tailored reports automatically created and distributed on your required timescales.

Easier reporting

Easier reporting

  • Tailor your reporting needs to the requirements of the individuals within your business
  • Easy to use dashboard reporting interface enables your workers to find or create the reports they require
  • Reduce time spent looking for information with a central repository for all of your data and documents
  • Definable search tags can be attached to all documents and reports to make them simple to find and integrate into relevant data pools
  • Integration with Microsoft Office to provide for improved data extraction and reporting of information

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Make informed, timely decisions

  • Provide a consolidated picture of sales, inventory and purchase information
  • Schedule reports to keep your decision makers up to date across your business
  • Approval and exception alerts help to keep your jobs and processes on track
  • Compare forecasts against capacity for accurate resource planning and scheduling
  • See relevant information from multiple internal and external sources for additional insights into your decision making
Make informed, timely decisions

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