Throughout my career I’ve used pretty much all the recruitment software available in the market and found RDB Pro to be the best. I’ve used many software packages and found RDB Pro to be the most functional, easy to use, and backed by the most friendly and responsive team. There is a warm feeling to the company, which has enabled us to form a fantastic relationship - I don’t feel like just another customer, I actually look forward to speaking with them! The great benefit of RDB Pro is its simplicity. I’ve used some very arduous packages where you get can lost in detail and have to input data to the enth degree. Plus, unlike other suppliers, First Choice Software is unique in that it does not penalise small agencies for only having one user, it’s such good value for money. Because the self-help tool is excellent, I hardly ever have to call the support team, but on the rare occasion I have, they have always been very helpful and efficient in answering my query.

Katie Pexton - IT Director at Consulte