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Service Management

Wouldn't it be great if you didn't have to re-key engineer job information into your computer system?

Over 100 companies use our tightly integrated field service management software to streamline information flow between field, stock, support and finance.

Ensure all chargeable work and contract renewals are accounted for in one system. When tracking engineer time, the exact labour charges can be calculated and applied where the contract specifies. Our integrated field service management software allows you to streamline information flow through your internal and external teams. Save time, money and provide superior service every time.

Access Service Manager really is a business critical solution for us and I am confident that it will continue to provide impressive returns on investment for us.

Stephen Tate, Copy IT Digital Solutions


• One screen for call management - Up-to-date case history, faults, credit limits and details of overdue items are pulled through from your finance system, allowing operators to work at speed with confidence.

• Connect your office & field - Maximise your resource allocation, job scheduling and promote effective collaboration between the office and field.

• Empower customers & engineers - Logging on to a secure website enables customers to enter call information directly and check job progression enhancing customer experience while removing pressure on your call centre.

• No re-keying, no mistakes - Tight integration allows a smooth and accurate flow of information between your machines and back office, allowing invoicing to take place without any duplication of information or effort.

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Streamline your service streams

Our integrated service management solutions connect every element of your service operation and make it more efficient. From call centre to support, finance to stock, our solutions update in real-time, allowing timely information to pass between all your teams without rekeying.

Android integration

Two-way connectivity between office and field allows engineer schedules to be monitored and for engineers to issue stock, collect customer signatures and close jobs without returning to base. With information updating in real-time, paperwork and errors reduce; efficiency and productivity increase.

Optimise data collection

Using our intuitive workflow software, all the additional paperwork that gets generated at the customer's site can be captured electronically. Health and safety forms, testing checklists, follow-ups: none of this gets wasted but is collected at source, significantly reducing administration and providing a wealth of useful stats.

Maximise your profit margin

Manage multiple equipment types across any number of sites. Cost price and warranty information, resource costs and serial numbers can all be accessed and analysed, helping you make informed decisions regarding pricing and uplifts.