Membership Organisations

Membership management software & automation systems

We have over 25 years experience working alongside membership organisations. We’ve developed solutions that give all our membership customers an agile, efficient platform for managing members, contacts and finances. Front end web integration ensures your CRM data remains pure and vastly reduces the admin burden of data re-entry and possible duplications.

Trade Unions, Trade Associations, Professional Bodies, Sports Governing Bodies, Quangos and Hobby Groups. Access NFP membership software gives you the centralised information hub your organisation needs. A single reliable source for all communications to your stakeholders, group activities and activity logs against individual members. Accurate information on individuals is made easy and complies with data protection legislation. A secure, centralised member contact database to manage renewals, member interactions (phone logs, e-mails, e-messaging, social media, snail mail etc), and mail out correspondence.

Free yourself from the pain of calculating partial exception and non-recoverable VAT: Access finance solutions automate the process, with flexible controls to ensure that the correct information updates your I&E.

Access customers have saved up to £50K per year by integrating their membership software to our solutions. Keeping track of I&E over multiple funding projects can be a challenge. Access NFP gives you this information instantly and allows you to quickly share reports with decision-makers, create and manage complex mailing lists for entire memberships such as newsletters, or targeted email campaigns to segmented groups, for example to individuals that have membership fees that need renewing.