Schools Information Management Software & Student Information

Monitor and manage the complete overview of your students and alumni all through our intuitive and agile solutions. See what activities they’ve attended, programs, lesson and events they went to, and add any custom information fields you may require. Realise the potential of a true 360 degree alumni profile and how easy it can be to collaborate across your school, university or college, to achieve the reduction in admin burden you need.

Access Dimensions gives you complete control of your cash flow and a comprehensive overview, with real time reporting on all your school's finances, purchase orders, accounts and staff's wages.

Of course, it’s not just about your staff, helping your students succeed is what an education establishment is all about. Access thankQ CRM makes light work of keeping your students informed, engaged and helping them to focus on their studies.

Enjoy the power to merge all your information silos and replace them with one central information hub for greater collaborative efficiency; and free up the expertise across your school, university or college campus and simply work smarter.