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Why do membership-based organisations choose Access thankQ CRM?

Knowing who your members are and being able to profile them in order to give them relevant information and value for their membership is key to long lasting relationships and loyalty. Access thankQ CRM is a leading membership relationship management (MRM) and members database solution that provides you with the retention tools to achieve these objectives.

Allow members to manage their own account details, renew their subscription, sign up to events, all online. Access thankQ CRM also links with your online system to ensure you have an up-to-date record of your members.

<span style="color: #4ABADE">Features</span>



  • Membership management
  • Relationship management
  • Event management
  • Web & social media integration
  • Grant giving & applications
  • Education & training
  • Marketing & communications 
  • Merchandising & publications 


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All the tools you need to manage your membership

Our NFP customers like us because we are genuinely excited by technology and how it can help streamline their processes, bring in new ideas and breathe new life into their organisation with our membership management software.

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