Income management & Gift Aid

Processes paper-based and paperless direct debits and handles multiple currencies with ease, freeing up your time.

<span style="color: #4ABADE">Intelligent Gift Aid management</span>

Intelligent Gift Aid management


Gift Aid management is a painless process with Access thankQ CRM. Gift Aid claims can be calculated in a matter of seconds and electronic submission to HMRC produced at the click of a button. Trawling old donations couldn’t be easier; when gifts are entered their tax claimable status doesn’t depend on the donor having a Gift Aid declaration (GAD). 


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Key benefits


  • Easily manage and analyse all income types important to not-for-profits
  • Save time collecting funds with paperless Direct Debits and SEPA
  • Calculate and submit Gift Aid claims in seconds
  • Reduce admin with simplified Gift Aid declaration processing
  • Stay compliant with the latest legislative changes – available automatically
<span style="color: #4ABADE">Key benefits</span>

Detailed features at a glance

Direct debits, BACS files, gifts in kind, standing orders and more - all handled as standard


Kate Ainley-Marr

Access thankQ CRM has become integral to the management of our membership groups. I'd highly recommend the finance module and reporting tools, which have proved to be highly effective.

Kate Ainley-Marr - IT Projects Manager