Fundraising management

Access thankQ CRM is a charity management software solution which provides a range of extended functionality that will help you get more than just donation processing from your database. You can also manage fundraising campaigns and projects, legacies and trust applications, track prospects and even monitor all activities using a range of KPI reports.

<span style="color: #4ABADE">Fully manage trust and fund applications</span>

Fully manage trust and fund applications


  • Records held in the main database, so while only users with appropriate permission see the entire information, the full CRM picture is maintained for the whole organisation
  • Holds trust criteria for giving, decision dates and reminders, as well as trustees and their interest areas
  • Once successful, the payment schedule and key reporting dates can also be entered ensuring the smooth receipt of the promised funding.

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Monitor and track your prospects


  • Prospect functionality allows the valuable donors of tomorrow to be carefully managed today
  • Identify and categorise all prospects based on their potential value and interest areas, and track them as you move them through the stages of donor development
  • Communications specific to the prospecting process can be logged and managed separately.
<span style="color: #4ABADE">Monitor and track your prospects</span>
<span style="color: #4ABADE">Drive fundraising campaigns and manage projects</span>

Drive fundraising campaigns and manage projects

The Campaign Project Management options allow a range of campaign tools held in different parts of thankQ CRM to be brought into one place.

Campaign projects specifying source and destination codes, related mailings and budgets can be set up and come with a set of reports to measure ROI and campaign performance.

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KPI reports that keep you in control


  • Powerful reporting tools and dashboards
  • Key Performance Indicator reports
  • Snapshot information of key fundraising benchmarks (values, new donors, attrition, etc.) with drill-down capability
  • Like-for-like information comparing over the previous 4 years.
<span style="color: #4ABADE">KPI reports that keep you in control</span>
<span style="color: #4ABADE">Comprehensive legacy management</span>

Comprehensive legacy management

Searching and selection tools allow you to identify and produce targeted communications to potential legators. Legacy tools then guide you through a workflow to manage the enquiry and eventual registration of the legacy, including its potential value, the specific elements that make it up and a selection of accompanying information, ranging from legal restrictions to family contact details.

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Nicola Skingle

We ultimately chose Access thankQ CRM because of the breadth and depth of functionality, because they seemed to really understand what we need from a fundraising system, particularly in terms of direct mail, and because of value for money.

Nicola Skingle - Head of Partnerships & Projects