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The Power of Partnerships

Having the right partnerships in place should be a number one priority for any organisation...

Having the right partnerships in place should be a number one priority for any organisation. The added value cannot be underestimated and stems not just from the software or services that are provided (although obviously that’s very important) but the way that the parties feel about working with each other. There’s a mutual trust and sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint, but somehow, well it just feels right.

We all know instinctively how uncomfortable it feels in a high pressure sales environment, that interaction doesn’t fill one with ease. But when you have someone in front of you that is clearly looking to make sure their product or service is the right fit for you, isn’t that a refreshing change?

Our staff care deeply about helping clients making the right choices. This means leaving no stone unturned when solving inevitable problems. After all, in any project there is usually some hiccup along the way, and it’s about how you respond to that in getting to the bottom of it and fixing it.

As experts in the not-for-profit technology sector we understand the needs of organisations having worked on the intricacies of so many of their processes and developed industry specific systems whether that’s for charities, membership organisations, education, religious organisations, governmental bodies or charitable visitor attractions; we’ve been able to build incredible relationships in each of those areas.

Having developed software for this sector for more than 18 years, we’ve helped many organisations to fulfil their goals and ambitions. With a customer retention rate of 96%, which is significantly higher than the industry average, and tremendous staff loyalty we’re proud to work in partnership with our clients to help them get the most from their solutions, from finance through to our most recent not-for-profit CRM solution. Providing the tools to help our NFP clients manage their organisations better, and in turn create closer relationships with their own stakeholders is something that plays a huge part in what we do.