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The Ideal Host

As any guest knows, the best hosts always offer a range of choices...

As any guest knows, the best hosts always offer a range of choices. This should be no different whether you’re at a hotel, a dinner party or in partnership with a software provider. But surprisingly, sometimes it can be hard to find a provider that offers flexibility in how its’ solutions are delivered.

When we launched Access thankQ CRM we decided to open up all options for our customers to fit their requirements - whether that’s keeping software locally on-premise, hosted by us or by a third party supplier. After all, hosting is all about choices.

Would you expect any less from any other supplier? Take cars as an example, whether you’re looking to buy a Fiat, a Ford or even a Ferrari, they come with a gargantuan range of options. Walk into any Starbucks and there’s an array of choice designed to give you exactly what you want… so why should your software provider be any different?

As an organisation you might have long standing relationships with a current hosting provider. We wouldn’t want to get in the way of that, after all at Access Group we’re all about building strong partnerships. Having talked to many of our not-for-profit customers we realised that there are many reasons why an organisation might choose one path over another, and we didn’t want to preclude anyone from benefiting from thankQ CRM because of the delivery mechanism.

For some organisations it was important that their CRM system was on their own premises; they didn’t want it hosted elsewhere because this approach quite simply works best for them. Equally other not-for-profits, welcomed the fact that they could keep their current hosting provider, whilst other want the simplicity to deal with one provider for their whole software/hosting solution.

Since the Group acquired hosting specialists StratoGen last year, we’ve been able to add an invaluable, robust hosting service to our offering. Having everything under one roof, brings many advantages for our customers because it means dealing with a single point of contact. Coupled with the Access personal touch, provides the opportunity to build a stronger working relationship. One where we can both understand what you want from your hosting and from your product. 

Offering flexibility in the solution’s delivery helps to ensure that the whole package is right for the individual organisation. When you’re choosing a CRM system it’s an investment – and one that shouldn’t be about compromise. So, when it comes to deciding on which package to go for, it’s important to consider what options are important to your organisation – and not what the software vendor thinks is right for you.