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Data Protection: Improve Your Data Management

Integrity. An important word whether you’re a business or charity, and none more so than when you’re dealing with donors...

Integrity. An important word whether you’re a not-for-profit organisation or a business, and none more so than when you’re dealing with donors and prospective supporters. 

Today's organisations are under more scrutiny than ever before, and with tighter data protection regulations about to come into force, now is the time to consider if you are fully compliant. 

Lucky, with the right technology and CRM in place you can improve the way you handle data. 

Connect and nurture

Good relationships are formed where there is a mutual benefit to both parties. It’s a two-way street. Having a good CRM in place only helps organisations to collect data and communicate with those that want to hear from you. By nurturing a genuine contact list, donors are more likely to continue to support the given cause. Charities can also personalise interactions, which could be as simple as saying thank you when someone has donated on multiple occasions, as well as interacting in real time on social media via the CRM. Being responsive can go a long way.

Understand your audience

CRM software can help to drill down into past behaviours and communications to work out when to make contact and with what messages. By understanding your audience better you can make sure your contact with them is timely, that they’re not being inundated with marketing from you. Respect those on your mailing list, and they’re more likely to respect you.

Maintain accurate data

Knowing that you’re working with accurate personal data will help to keep you out of hot water. Not only will it enable you to reach the person intended, it will ensure your bounce back and gone-aways rates are low to avoid negatively impacting sender reputation. Being able to maintain a ‘clean’ list of contacts will improve the effectiveness of your campaigns and reduce the likelihood of being classified as spam or being blacklisted.  

Gain higher response rates

One of the good things about having clean data is that you’re more likely to have people open what you send them, and to respond, because they’ve opted to be on your list. It therefore gives a better reflection of the success of your campaigns and makes for more productive decision making.

Find untapped opportunities

Technology can be used to help you communicate and interact with new and existing donors in the spirit with which charity fundraising is meant to be carried out. Of course, a large part of this is down to how organisations choose to operate but with the support of a good charity CRM system you can analyse, understand and find trends and opportunities from within the data. With a little bit of thought and a system that can support you, not only in managing the day-to-day but also provide the insight to shape your campaigns,  you’re more likely to get better results. After all, there are always more ways to genuinely foster engagement, get people behind a cause and raise funds and support for those that the organisation is there to serve.