We love software, and we're passionate about how technology never stays the same. We focus on success, whether it’s being in "The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For" list, or helping our 10,000 UK customers stay one step ahead of their industry and business challenges. We come to work to have fun and attack everything with a high energy and ambition, keeping the same entrepreneurial spirit we started with at the beginning. We’re always punching above our weight and strive to be better at how we work and what we do. As a challenger brand, we act different and think different.

In the beginning

In 1993 we were just a group of Computer Science nerds fresh out of Aston University. With a love of programming, we were keen to shake up the technology industry.

It started in Chris Bayne's - our current CEO - parent's dining room.

Here's some of us in 1993: Chris Bayne, Mike Audis, Ket Chauhan and Rob Parkinson (in their laps). 


We’ve come a long way since then. We took Access from a start-up to having over 900 staff in 14 offices across the UK and £68.9 million in revenue. 

... but we're still the same nerds. We believe there is nothing more satisfying than solving a challenge. We delight in making our customers' lives easier by understanding and anticipating their needs, whether by solving their problem by building new software or by acquiring an existing company. We continually evolve by keeping pace with rapid technological change. We started with one product for Finance teams, and now work across multiple sectors and have over 20 different products for various departments. 

To put it simply: we knock down barriers for our customers and have fun at the same time. 

And the four guys in the photo? They all remain with The Access Group today in various senior management positions.


Our awards