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Self service, modern and fully configurable: enjoy all the benefits of intuitive people management in one place.

Access Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions will support every aspect of your employee interactions. From recruitment and onboarding right through to training, talent management, payment and reward, we will help you track, monitor and analyse the success of your employees.

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Unite Human Capital Management, HR & Payroll

“I can instantly see if there's a certain department with high turnover and can use that information to work with the manager to find out what issues the department may have, or determine if we're just not finding the right people for the right role.”

Clare Hendy, Hendy Group

Whether you're looking to improve your daily people processes or implement a full talent management strategy, our Human Capital Management (HCM) software provides the tools to make it happen.

Complete visibility

Do you struggle to see which areas might need improvement? Access Human Capital Management solutions help you understand where, how and why your workforce should be developed to keep your organisation moving forward.

Plan for the future

What will your organisation look like in 10 years? Effective HCM identifies the individuals who will ensure your future success and the support they need to get there. Identify skills gaps, focus training and development and nurture ambition.

Making it simple

Simplicity is key. The functionality in the Access HCM suite allows you to create automated drag & drop workflows, implement self-service for your employees to carry out their own tasks, and configure your solution in a way that will instantly benefit your organisation.

SelectHR & SelectPay brochure

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Access SelectHR

Access SelectHR

Browser-based, configurable, intuitive: manage your talent and optimise performance with our employee lifecycle and talent management software. Your people are your most valuable asset and this solution makes light work of all the people processes within your business.

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