.Net App – FAS & E Series

.Net App – FAS & E Series

There is talk of big data everywhere and why shouldn’t there be? Enterprises are dealing with large volumes of high-value data these days. Quick and reliable access to this data whenever it is required is the key to success within most enterprises, including yours.

The ability to ensure such availability can increase your organisation’s productivity by empowering your employees and partners to make decisions in a more efficient manner and improving engagement with your clients. So effective data management is needed in order to maintain high data availability round the clock.

How can your enterprise manage the data stored at different locations, whether these are remote location or at data centers? Is it possible for you to guarantee information availability in the event of a disaster or hardware failure?

NetApp’s family of storage systems helps your company do just that. It can systematically consolidate the data required by different users and several apps. The NetApp Fabric Attached Storage (FAS) and E Series storage solutions also help you simplify data management for both your remote office apps and large enterprise apps.

Below is details of the different storage arrays offered by NetApp in the form of FAS and the E Series.

Capabilities or Features

NetApp FAS

  • It helps to use the cloud (public) for backups and the retention of data as well as for development and test environments.
  • FAS provides a stretched cluster to ensure continuous availability of data even in the event of complete site downtimes or any local hardware failures.
  • NetApp supports integrated data protection by allowing instant local backups (based on snapshots) and automated off-site data copies.
  • It has the capability to group similar data storage elements together and thus enables scalability and mobility on demand.
  • FAS comes equipped with the “All-Flash” feature that helps to improve the end user’s experience as well as the app’s performance.

NetApp E Series

  • The E Series storage from NetApp is equipped with “All-Flash” for hypervisor and different apps or with “All-Disk” for workloads not suitably fulfilled by the Flash.
  • Its Dynamic Disk Pools (DDP) feature helps to expand the pool by one disk at a time and thereby enables scalability and easy management.

 The NetApp FAS has a lot more features than the E Series, but the latter may just be able to fulfill your enterprise storage array requirements if you have a tight budget.


Key Benefits

NetApp FAS

  • It is well-equipped with good ratios for de-duplication and compression that helps to lower the cost per effective TB and the required bandwidth.
  • FAS keeps the downtimes to a minimum and ensures your enterprise’s mission-critical data is available most of the time.
  • It makes it possible for your organisation to consolidate and offer information for all types of workloads across Network Attached Storage (NAS) and Storage Area Network (SAN) environments with regard to primary and secondary storage.
  • FAS leads to improved performance, higher throughput and fast response times for database interaction, transaction processing and more.

 NetApp E Series

  • It offers excellent value for money with regard to performance and capacity. The E Series storage arrays have a lightweight, low latency operating system that consumes minimal hardware resources to maintain high performance. This platform also provides a wide range of drives, which are cost-effective and can guarantee usable capacity, irrespective of the de-duplication and compression ratios.
  • It may not be a storage array based on the most recent technology, but the E Series is a proven solution that offers significant availability of around 99.99%.
  • The E Series storage arrays are easy to deploy, scale and manage.


Usage examples

NetApp FAS Examples

  • FAS6000 Series

It has the ability to easily consolidate SAN, NAS, primary and secondary storage on a single platform. It supports up to 1,100 TB of storage capacity, 1,176 hard disk drives and 56 fibre channel ports.

  •  FAS3100 Series

It can consolidate NAS, FC SAN and IP SAN storage. It supports 800 disk drives and 40 fibre channel ports.

  •  FAS2000 Series

This series offers best value for primary storage for mid-sized enterprises by providing support for 104 TB of storage capacity and 104 disk drives.

NetApp E Series Examples

  • All Disk Versions

These E-series storage arrays are suitable for media streaming and general file serving amidst low IO virtualised environments.

  • All Flash Versions

These storage solutions are ideal for SBC solutions (for example, XenApp and Microsoft RDSH), VDI solutions (such as XenDesktop Linked Clones and Horizon View) and high profile databases (for example, Oracle and Microsoft SQL) amidst high IO virtualised environments.

The above details regarding the NetApp storage systems should prove valuable for your organisation. We are a NetApp gold partner offering public and private cloud solutions based on NetApp SAN storage. We also provide disaster recovery solutions that utilize SnapMirror replication technology. If you would like to have an in-depth discussion about your needs please contact us.