Management information

Monitor your KPI's, profitable products and customer trends with our easy-to-use reporting modules.



  • Monitor KPIs and trends in real time with our interactive, graphical dashboard, delivering dynamic views of business changes
  • Report on product profitability and identify which lines to drop and which products to carry forward
  • Measure and reduce your carbon emissions, automatically creating a report of your daily usage
  • Track your cost per mile, per vehicle and expense type by reporting on your vehicle asset costing and fleet management

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Business Intelligence

  • Integrate business intelligence into your finance system to track customer trends and seasonal events in your forecasting
  • Collate data from multiple systems or databases so it’s available to view from any office or location
  • User-specific dashboards provide staff with the information needed to carry out their role
  • Customer and supplier dashboards enable performance reviews and comparisons
Business Intelligence

Detailed features at a glance

Supply Chain Financials is the leader at providing the accounting and finance tools to support your business. Each feature has been developed with 25 years of Access Group knowledge and expertise in supply chain financials, all to help your business save time and money.

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John Wade

In the space of four years, the business has progressed beyond recognition. You wouldn’t even recognise this operation now. Our business has been totally transformed.

John Wade - Financial Director, Halls Flooring