Document management

File your customer's documents safely and securely with our automated document manager

Automated invoice scanning

Automated invoice scanning

  • Optical character recognition (ORC) enables you to scan and convert different types of documents including paper based documents, PDF files or images
  • Use barcoding to save your staff time and track orders effortlessly
  • Streamline accounts payable by scanning invoices, enabling a faster approval process

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General document storage

  • Store all of your product brochures, product specifications, customer contracts, warranty information and images
  • Reduce the risk of losing paperwork by storing them all on one system
  • Go completely paperless and save cost and storage space whilst securely backing up your documentation
General document storage

Detailed features at a glance

Supply Chain Financials is the leader at providing the accounting and finance tools to support your business. Each feature has been developed with 25 years of Access Group knowledge and expertise in supply chain financials, all to help your business save time and money.

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John Wade

In the space of four years, the business has progressed beyond recognition. You wouldn’t even recognise this operation now. Our business has been totally transformed.

John Wade - Financial Director, Halls Flooring