Workflow forms

Automate paper-based forms to easily capture information that’s important to your organisation. With web-based workflow management software you can create, access and track progress of any process throughout its whole lifecycle.

Lacking proper workflows?

Lacking proper workflows?

  • Do you need to efficiently capture data such as risk assessments, site surveys, quote requests, training requests, supplier code requests, customer issues or project estimating?
  • Are tasks falling through the cracks? Is productivity hampered by lost paperwork? Slow approvals? Difficulty evaluating work completed or daily costs?
  • The answer: workflow software makes it easy to manage form-based information in your business. It’s auditable, secure, trackable and stored in one easy to access location

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Greater control of business processes

  • Reduce bottlenecks and lost paperwork by routing the workflow to the right person at the right time
  • Encourage better governance minimising the risk that any task being overlooked or forgotten
  • Track any workflow throughout its whole lifecycle so you can be sure that tasks are carried out on time and efficiently

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Greater control of business processes

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Access financial management solutions have been designed with your business in mind. The award-winning accounting software is available as a standalone financial management software system or as part of an integrated suite including payroll, project management, HR, timesheets and expenses, document management and much more.

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Peter Barlow

There used to be nothing coming into the business for three weeks, then a big influx of cash. We are now getting the invoices out quicker and it has helped with cash flow.

Peter Barlow - Systems Accountant