Distribution and wholesale

Having the ability to astutely manage finances is key for intermediary businesses such as wholesalers and distribution houses. Inventory planning and forecasting, supplier and cash flow management not only facilitate this but work seamlessly together to provide a consolidated picture of your business.

Optimising finance and inventory management

Optimising finance and inventory management

  • Do you struggle to forecast, manage and maintain inventory stock levels?
  • Does your business monitor supplier performance to properly manage everyday delivery processes and be in a better position to negotiate the best deals?
  • Does cash flow, including balancing purchase orders, credit control and cash collections, cause regular headaches for your team?
  • Integrated finance and inventory management systems delivers a business infrastructure that gives you the answers you need in real time

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Finance software success story - Syndico Distribution

Syndico Distribution went from start-up to fast growing company with financial management software from Access Group.