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Easy to use CRM functionality

Access' CRM solutions offer powerful functionality, flexibility and usability at an affordable price. Thousands of successful companies use our solutions daily to improve sales, marketing and support.

We were so impressed with what Access had to offer that once the system was in - we kept adding more to it

Paul Hayes, Datasharp


• Full lifecycle management enables you to manage the prospect/customer lifecycle from marketing campaigns and opportunity pipeline management to field sales, telesales and account management.

• Fully configurable and sophisticated yet easy-to-use tools including business process automation, integrated email, dashboards and more.

• Tight integration with your finance system

• Leverage the power of finance within your CRM application, reducing rekeying and smoothing interactions between finance and sales.


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Maximise customer value

Retaining customers costs less than attracting new ones. Access' CRM solutions help you provide quicker responses to clients and identify your most profitable customers. With full profiles and detailed customer histories at your fingertips, you can get to the heart of any issue quickly.

Our solutions considerably improve customer retention by helping maintain consistent and clear communication when customers typically need the most attention, during the service phase of customer interactions.

Sales management

We put the power into the hands of your sales agents so they can maintain their pipeline in real time. Giving your team access to opportunity management tools, so they can have an instant view of their open, closed, won and lost opportunities. Each sales agent can maintain their pipeline in real time, as well as leverage team selling to help close deals faster.

Campaign & lead Management

As businesses evolve and your customer base becomes more diverse, running targeted marketing campaigns is essential. You can generate the leads you need with our fast data segmenting tools. Fine-tune your messages with our pre-deployment trialling. Monitor your efforts and close the loop with instant detailed analysis.

Whether you need to send an e-mail, perform a mail merge, or capture web leads, Access' CRM solutions will help make your marketing campaign a success. We enable your marketing teams to easily define and track the status of campaign tasks, and contacts to be touched. Our solution can capture leads visiting your web site as a result of a call to action or promotion.

Relationship management

Understanding your most important customer relationships, the amount of time spent with clients, and the life-cycle of each cus­tomer are some of the most important aspects of your business. After all, repeat customers can help produce consistent revenue streams for your company.

Our CRM solutions capture customer, contact and pros­pect data, all in one convenient location. This allows your sales, marketing and service teams to view consistent data and similar facts across all facets of your company. Users of our CRM solution can view customer relationships, maintain account and contact history, and manage their daily activities.

We provide a high level of detail for each of your customers, including notes, actions, and transactions posted over the life-cycle of each account. With im­proved user efficiencies you're able to understand any aspect of your customers, allowing your entire organisation to effectively communi­cate with your clients.

Integration with your finance solution

If your CRM solution is integrated with your finance system it allows salespeople to take charge of tasks previously left to finance. Creating customer records, entering quotes and managing orders can all be carried out by the sales and marketing team, boosting productivity and accuracy.