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Access Home Care Software is the most comprehensive cloud-based rostering system in the UK, enabling a framework for best practice in the delivery of high quality, person-centred home care.

  • Advanced timeline planning combines service user requirements with employee availability into a single screen helping you to efficiently roster your staff to the client's home
  • Quickly identify the most suitable employees to cover visits based on continuity, skills, equipment, qualifications, cost, distance and much more
  • Mobile and electronic monitoring functionality provides real-time monitoring and proof of service delivery and instantly alerts you to any potential issues including missed and late calls
  • The software can be accessed via desktop, laptop, mobile phone and tablet making it a truly versatile solution to support all departments in your home care business.

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Cloud-based home care software

Our software solutions will ensure you run your home care business to the highest standard and provide the high quality care at all times.

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