Boosting productivity: 4 ways to empower your employees

Boosting productivity: 4 ways to empower your employees

An employee feeling empowered in their work and in control of their career can increase productivity, boost morale and reduce unplanned staff absence.

1.Employee/management relationships:

People work harder when they feel both a sense of purpose, and a sense of self-value. Achieving the right mind-set across a business depends on the relationships between management and employees.

Having the following conversations can achieve this while also providing insight into your team:

- Establish mutual professional understanding
- Set out shared long-term goals, and build for the future
- Giving control over roles and responsibilities 

2. Professional understanding:

This discussion goes beyond job titles, drivers and motivators for optimum performance. Mutual expectations are agreed and the motivation behind employees/management goals is worked through. 

3. Long-terms goals:

Employees feel highly engaged when they believe that their current job offers the progression they need. Openly explore future career aspiration to give you the best chance of creating conditions which allow your most talented workers to build their future career within your organisation.

4. Giving control:

Employees need an atmosphere which is conducive to decision-making, and the opportunity to control important aspects of their work lives. Giving more control over shift patterns or holiday time for example, can be an incredibly simple process if your HR department is equipped with an intuitive online staff absence management solution.

We’re all aware of the importance of feeling genuine control in our personal lives; in business our psychological and emotional requirements are just the same. Employees feeling empowered, valued and on track for the future has a transformational effect on their productivity. 

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