Framework for best practice

With the right software you will be able to run your care home efficiently and to the highest standard, helping you ensure quality and compliance at all times. Gain access to critical information required for regulatory checks and never miss a reminder with our robust solution.


Ensure quality and compliance

Ensure quality and compliance

  • Ensure services are standardised across all homes for efficient quality management
  • Central reporting functionality required for regulatory checks provides one version of the truth
  • Dynamic and comprehensive management tracking tools provide a real-time view on levels and stages of care
  • Automated process alleviate admin heavy tasks and allow you to focus on what matter most to your business
  • Provide proof of service delivery and ensure care provision is to the highest standard, ensuring clients and relatives while remaining compliant
  • Respond proactively and quickly to the requirements of your care home and your clients

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The benefits of CareBlox

Whether you’re a single home or part of a large group, Access CareBlox is a flexible a customisable care management solution helping you to efficiently manage your care homes and provide quality care. Discover how you can benefit today.

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