Complex Care

Access PeoplePlanner ensures carers and management have all the tools they need to deliver and monitor complex care in the client's home.

  • Our complex care system provides a complete framework suitable for all complex care requirements
  • With increased visibility you can easily improve the efficiency and quality of care delivered by your carers
  • Remain compliant and assign your carers based on their skills and training qualifications
  • Our complex care solution allows you to provide the right care for your service users with complex and intensive care needs
  • Create digital care plans complex case records and automate care processes to ensure the highest quality of care is provided
  • Automatically generate payroll for staff based accurately on hours worked all through our simple navigation screens.


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Cloud-based complex care software

Access PeoplePlanner ensure you recruit the best skilled staff, your carers and clients are perfectly matched, and your clients substantial and ongoing care requirements are being met.

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Mike Smith

We have found PeoplePlanner to be a highly configurable system which is integral to the service we provide. It helps us stay on top of quality, compliance and service delivery.

Mike Smith - Trinity Homecare