Are you giving your carers flexibility and choice?

Are you giving your carers flexibility and choice?

The key to empowering your carers is introducing flexibility in their working lives, giving them autonomy and the option to make choices.

Why is this important?

Self-service functionality allows your carers to input and update information directly themselves, reducing back office admin and avoiding bottlenecks. Most importantly, they can make these updates out of the office, allowing your workforce to become mobile and self-sufficient.

Carers can request more shifts, quickly and easily. They can also specify patterns of availability. If you are thinking this will remove any kind of control and structure, don't worry. With an approval process in place, you will have total visibility and management of your workforce.

By implementing this self-service functionality, you will improve the overall working experience for your carers. With the demands of the industry, unsociable hours and travel times, as an employer you can help reduce these work life stresses.

After all, if you look after your staff – and this holds true regardless of industry – then you’re more likely to retain them for the long term.

You’re helping them to work around their life responsibilities.

By giving your most important assets the power to make decisions you will increase overall employee satisfaction, increase staff retention and attract highly skilled carers to provide the best quality of care.

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