Care Delivery

Carers have everything they need on their mobile app. Deliver high quality care and enable your staff to work more efficiently 

<span style="color: #54adcf"> &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Complete management of your visits</span>

      Complete management of your visits

  • Individual rotas deployed to carers' mobile app 
  • Clock in and out using NFC tags and GPS
  • Personalised care schedules show carers what medication and activities to complete 
  • Activities must be marked as complete or incomplete
  • Carers record medication as administered or not, with reason codes and notes
  • Speak into the device to make notes more effeciently 
  • Handover – see details from previous visits
  • Give restricted access or send automatic updates to next of kin and care funders

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      Real-time updates

  • Works completely offline
  • Carers can record & escalate incidents automatically
  • Capture and annotate images and embed into forms
  • Sign forms using your finger on the screen of your device, removing the need for paper copies
  • Encrypted data, secure logins and user defined permissions

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<span style="color: #54adcf">  &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Real-time updates</span>

Access Mobizio Features

Access Mobizio is a leading innovator in care planning software. Take advantage of our complete solution to manage care planning, monitoring and delivery and digitise and automate your care processes.

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James Harrison

There are many providers of mobile and tablet solutions, but we wanted an IT partner that could not only provide flexible and secure technology, but that share our vision of improving service delivery and collecting robust outcome measures.

James Harrison - Programmes Manager