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  • Agile Business Intelligence

A complete picture of your business

Join data from multiple sources and gain full visibility with business intelligence dashboards. In a few clicks, Access Insight empowers users to make faster and better decisions by providing a true picture of your organisation.

The real time access to targeted analysis helped Volkswagen Group France improve its reactity and its performance on the market

Mathieu Danton, VW Group France


With access to a richer pool of data your business can make faster, smarter and more informed decisions.

Access Insight improves visibility of data across multiple sources, providing businesses with all they need to improve decision making and business performance:

• Join data from multiple sources and gain full visibility with business intelligence dashboards
• Monitor KPIs with dashboard reporting, stay informed and make better decisions
• Dashboards and reports tailored to your role or function: HR, Marketing, Sales, Finance

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Improve your impact on performance

Most organisations rely on their ability to build relationships, maintaining customer loyalty and lead generation to create new business. Marketing professionals play a key role in retaining and growing the customer base and the market share. However, it can often be a challenge to justify ROI for some activities such as brand awareness, events and advertising.

Business Intelligence helps you to solve this classic marketing issue and demonstrate clearly and precisely the added value your department brings to the business.

Maximise sales performance

To hit and exceed targets, sales teams will need continuous focus on their pipeline. It’s crucial to have visibility of real-time information, identifying performance against target and forecasting capability. Without this data it can be difficult for sales team to understand current performance levels and improve upon them.

Business Intelligence can help to solve sales issues by providing comprehensive analysis of customer and market trends, so that they can predict future buying behaviour.

Link people, HR activities and performance

HR departments deal with the most valuable resource within organisations; people. They need to understand and analyse workforce patterns, adapt quickly to change and predict the future needs across a broad range of areas such as skills resources, talent management, training, salary and absence management.

Business Intelligence helps you to connect multiple data sources and demonstrate the true cost and added value of your employee base.