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Tried, tested, trusted - over 130,000 employees get paid with Access payroll software.

RTI ready, flexible and intuitive, SelectPay combines everything you'd expect from an HMRC-recognised payroll solution with a host of value-added benefits.

Flexible paytypes and deductions. Pension auto enrolment software. Integration with HR and finance. SelectPay goes beyond remuneration to decrease admin, improve starter onboarding and efficiency.

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Effective payroll is crucial to your success. It needs to be quick, accurate and reliable - and that's where we can help. SelectPay takes care of all the basics, payroll auto-enrolment, automating key processes and providing the in-depth reports you need to align remuneration with strategy.

Future proof and flexible

Built on scalable Microsoft SQL, SelectPay can handle new starters, joiners and complex pay patterns with ease. RTI ready, flexible and seamlessly integrated with the rest of your Access solution, SelectPay is fully geared to support your changing business needs.

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What is RTI?

Under the current PAYE system employers tell HMRC what deductions they have made from employees pay after the end of the tax year. Only then are HMRC able to review whether the correct deductions have been made under PAYE. 

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