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4500+ wholesalers rely on Access solutions every day.

In your fast-moving industry, speed and accuracy are paramount. Whether you have single or multiple warehouses, our distribution software helps you react quickly to changing business dynamics.

Forecast quickly and reliably; predict and fulfill customer requirements every time; gain real-time information across your entire operation. It's all possible with Access warehouse management software.

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With Access wholesale & distribution solutions, you can:

“We can run stock enquiries to check how specific stock items sold previously in our concessions. This information allows us to make better decisions for seasonal ordering and forecasting sales.”

Michelle Stafford, Aylwyn Investments Ltd (franchiser for the Body Shop Ireland)
  • Reduce picking/shipping errors

    Manage all of your operational activities within your single/multiple warehouses using the latest wireless technology. The software is task driven with a full management suite for total control and visibility. This significantly improves accuracy and productivity.

  • Monitor KPIs in real-time

    Do you know your top ten customers? What's selling fast - and what's ripe for promotion? Our web-based dashboard reports give your sales and operations team a visual picture of what's happening right now so that you can maximise all your opportunities.

  • Update price records instantly

    Access software updates in real-time each time you make a transaction - saving time and giving you consistent, accurate information across stock, sales and pricing. To strengthen your customer relationships, we also offer full support for EDI transacting.

  • Integrate your supply chain

    Our solutions integrate with best of breed applications (including websites) enabling a continuous flow of information between your warehouse/s, sales and back office. This significantly reduces duplication and errors and makes it easier for customers to buy.

  • Forecast stock with ease

    Highly visual tools display your entire stock situation for the days, weeks and months ahead in one high-level graphical planner. Using our traffic light system, it's easy to identify fast and slow movers, plan for opportunities and identify promotional windows.

  • Tighten your returns process

    Manage credit notes, replacement goods and write-offs from your returns management cockpit. Our solutions generate a unique authorisation number for each request and let you track progress at any stage, bringing visibility to the whole process.

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Access Dimensions

Access Dimensions

Asset management. Cashflow forecasting. Intercompany reporting. Just some of the features that make Access Dimensions the FDs' choice. Financial software with tight integration with Access solutions and your existing applications improve every aspect of your business analysis.

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