Transport & logistics

Customer demands. Cost control. Tight delivery schedules. Staying ahead in logistics requires immaculate planning, agility and tight integration across your whole network.

Loved by couriers, third-party logistics and air freight providers, our fully connected solutions eliminate data duplication, wasted time and opportunity for errors between your finance and warehouse operations. 

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Some of our customers…

Cut transport costs with a flexible Access solution

“Condor Ferries has automated its ship-to-shore supply chain using Access technology. Since we automated our supply chain our productivity has increased as much as 15%. ”

Dawn Hamilton, Condor Ferries
  • Vehicle costing & fleet management

    Every vehicle you own can be tracked using your chosen variables, helping you track cost per mile for each vehicle and/or expense type. Real-time updates show you exactly which quotes return a profit allowing you to stay competitive. Customers and contracts can be managed as projects, collating all of the operating costs to show P&L by load, contract and customer.

  • Tight integration between warehousing & finance

    All your warehousing activity updates the finance back office in real-time, allowing you to maximise your on-time, in full commitments and supporting fast, accurate customer billing. Goods are received, put away, picked and despatched with ease, helping you improve service, minimise waste and strengthen cashflow.

  • Purchase portal for fleet managers

    An easy-to-use interface allows requisitions to be raised, approved and consolidated, updating your back office instantly once authorisation has been granted. Fleet managers can view quantities ordered and delivered, check that purchase invoices are correctly priced and print goods received notes - all from one online hub.

  • Centralised business information

    We bring together information from across all areas of your operation and centralise it into a powerful business repository. The Access integration suite accepts all file formats and can read and broker transactional data from a huge range of business applications: from internet and Excel files to your industry-specific tracking systems such as Mandata.

  • Streamline your supply chain

    As the transport industry relies on many inter-company transactions, we simplified invoice processing. The ability to contra sales and purchase transactions significantly reduces data duplication and speeds up approvals. You can also link multiple customers to a single supplier and vice versa, increasing efficiency in the way you manage company/subsidiary data.

  • Get a detailed understanding of your customers

    Analyse your customer information by every demographic that's important to you. Access transport & logistics solutions combine a solid sales ledger with flexible reporting, allowing you to get instant, information on your customers' individual requirements, trading terms, histories and credit information.

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Access Dimensions

Access Dimensions

Asset management. Cashflow forecasting. Intercompany reporting. Just some of the features that make Access Dimensions the FDs' choice. Financial software with tight integration with Access solutions and your existing applications improve every aspect of your business analysis.

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