Rainbows Childrens' Hospice

Rainbows Childrens' Hospice was founded by Gail and Harry Moore, in celebration of their daughter, Laura, who died of Leukaemia in 1989. Rainbows provides respite, palliative and terminal care to families who have a child with a life limiting illness. Rainbows Childrens' Hospice needs £3.8m every year to remain operational so fundraising is an essential activity.

Why did Rainbows choose thankQ?

Rainbows originally used Filemaker Pro to record contact and donation details, but limited data storage meant that only the most recent information could be held. Rainbows Children's Hospice selected thankQ in August 2003.

Rainbows and thankQ overview

Rainbows went live with thankQ in March 2004, with the finance module added in June 2004. In 2009, Rainbows upgraded to an enhanced version of thankQ taking advantage of the latest reporting and deduping tools. Rainbows' original bespoke modules were built into the upgrade along with some additional developments around events and sponsorship.

The benefits

Rainbows have made a number of specific modifications to their system to reflect their business processes, including a development to help track the progress of grant applications to trusts and to make notes of specific deadlines and meeting dates. Integrating this functionality with the Action Manager module allows users to set actions for fellow users to complete related tasks.

Rainbows upgraded to a new events module in 2009 which was specifically set up as workflow processes to help guide users through the recommended sequence of steps. A simple development also allows Rainbows to record sponsorship income against bookings and to allow income other than ticket sales, (ie from raffles, tombolas, auctions etc) to be predicted and recorded against events.

thankQ's powerful searching functionality; such as the 'yellow box search' has also reduced the amount of time Rainbows staff spend trying to find the information they need in the system.

One of the most notable impacts has been the ability to share information easily between different departments, improving communication and knowledge at the same time. thankQ's ability to react quickly to change requests along with its flexible structure, ensure that the system will continue to meet Rainbows' needs into the future as the organisation grows and develops.

thankQ in action with Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People

Here are some really rewarding ways that Rainbows used thankQ's reporting featureto earn and learn more from their donors:

Example 1: turning lapsed donors into regular givers

In 2009 Rainbows decided to send a mailshot to all donors who had given £500 or more in their lifetime as donors but had given nothing in the last two years. Using thankQ's reporting feature Rainbows identified approximately 3000 people who fitted these criteria and duly sent out the mailing. Rainbows raised £3,000 as a direct result of the mailshot and were initially disappointed as they felt that this figure would probably have come in anyway. However, 12 months later, Rainbows ran another report through thankQ, looking at the subsequent giving behaviour of those people included in the initial mailing. To their surprise, they found that over the 12 months since the initial mailing, this group of people had donated more than £50,000 - not only were they no longer lapsed, but they had actually recovered to the giving levels that they were previously at, and all through intelligent searching and segmentation of existing data.

Example 2: getting the most out of Gift Aid

Rainbows ran a report listing everyone who had donated more than £200 but hadn't completed a Gift Aid Declaration. There were approximately 600 in total. Rainbows made personal contact with the top 6, phoned the top 15 and wrote to the rest. This exercise, which involved around half a day's work, enabled Rainbows to claim several hundred pounds worth of Gift Aid immediately. And of course, Rainbows can now claim Gift Aid from any more donations that these valuable donors make.

Example 3: know your audience and plan your approach

Rainbows thought they knew their audience really well. They were convinced that they had plenty of core support made up of regular givers. thankQ's reporting feature told them a different story! In actual fact the majority of Rainbow's income is currently made up of one-off donations. This quick investigation now means that Rainbows can focus more of their fundraising and marketing activity on encouraging one-off donors to become regular givers. We are looking forward to the effects of this bearing fruit over the next couple of years.

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