In this section, you'll find everything you need to choose the software that's right for your business. Read about software evaluation and selection in our series of info guides, and find out more about Access as a company.

Discover how our software portfolio can help you cut complexity and increase efficiency. Get the customer experience first hand in our series of case studies and visit solutions to find out how we've helped businesses like yours.

  • Case studies

    Matrix Control Solutions

    Matrix Control Solutions is the UK’s leading energy management company with a proven track record of delivering extremely impressive results. The organisation is owned by E-On Connecting Energies.


    How Renault improved Sales Performance with access to real-time interactive data

    Menzies LLP case study

    Menzies is now producing detailed reports, offering greater analysis for budget holders, within two to three days of closing the monthly accounts

    City University

    See how City University, a leading global university, freed resource from basic admin work to do much more value-added work.

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  • Brochures

    Access PeoplePlanner

    PeoplePlanner provides one of the most comprehensive cloud based care planning software systems available in the UK today.

    Access Careblox

    CareBlox is a cloud based Care Home Management system. Whether you’re a single home or part of a large group, our suite will speed up administration, reduce cost, and provide you with greater control and visibility. With over 10 years in the industry we have the experience to deliver the care centred solutions you require.

    Access Orchestrate

    Orchestrate is easy-to-use production planning and scheduling software

    Access FactoryMaster

    Aiding the growth and day-to-day operations of businesses in the Aerospace, Automotive, Tooling and Fabrication supply chains.

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  • Software datasheets


    Build to specific volumes, viscosities, weights or gravities - without bespoke software.

    Repeat billing

    Setup and automate your customer billing schedules, cash receipt generation and BACS collections with this intuitive module.

    Integration services

    Free your data from silos and let the information flow smoothly throughout your business.

    Cash flow forecasting

    Our sophisticated modelling software combines all your historical data with current business activity to calculate an intelligent forecast of your future financial health. Complicated ‘what if’ scenarios are cleanly presented in a range of graphical formats – showing trends in a logical, visual way to help you arrive at the best decision for your business.

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  • Info guides & whitepapers

    Top floor to shop floor

    You Know More About Your Alumni Than You Think

    Time, Money & Talent: The Black Hole of Professional Services

    Research by Access Group based on a survey of more than 2,000 UK workers in the professional services sector has revealed internal inefficiencies are not only costing businesses time and money, but also talented employees, who are exasperated with wasting their time due to inefficient systems and our free whitepaper.

    Mind the Gap: connecting your supply chain

    Like a modern freight train, a technology driven connected supply chain can deal with impediments to its momentum. With 'intelligence' on each vehicle to adjust the brake effort according to need - it will easily out perform old-fashioned loose-coupled supply chains.

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