Access nudges forward in mid-market social space

26 February 2013

Nudging, collaboration, persistent messaging - just a few of the social elements that'll soon be incorporated into the Access portfolio.

As news of its latest acquisition goes public, Access employees are already using Sazneo's online communication tool to revolutionise the way they work and expect many more clients to join them in the cloud.

Here Access CEO Chris Bayne talks about the key reasons for the acquisition, its mid-market impact and its customer benefits.

Q. What are the industry trends within the social business space and why are they so important to you and your customers?

A. I think the most obvious trend is this amazingly fast adoption of social media applications by consumers and businesses into their daily working lives. Now you have a phenomenon where the rapid interaction styles we utilise on say LinkedIn are replacing formal business communications such as email.

Q. What impact has this had on the software industry?

A. Over the past 18 months, we've seen a massive surge of interest from business software providers wanting to integrate social media influences. Microsoft's acquisition of micro blogging site Yammer for $1.2 billion is just one such example of how much leading suppliers are willing to pay to get a piece of the action!

Q. What about the software mid-market? Is a similar thing going on there?

A. The picture is not so clear-cut. Apart from Salesforce (who have integrated Chatter into their own applications) our research revealed that mid-market has focused more on social BI and mobile-enabled versions of their software rather than making their products inherently social.

Q. So you think you've cracked it with Sazneo? What attracted you to their software?

A. Originally developed for the banking industry, Sazneo was designed to provide colleagues from around the world with a secure space in which to collaborate in real-time. You can read more about the acquisition from Sazneo's perspective on MD Brett Davis' blog.

Q. You've acquired many companies in the past 18 months. What's different about Sazneo?

A. All of our other acquisitions are established companies with a mature product portfolio. Sazneo is a Tech City start-up. Their offering itself is less about product and more about technology - the driver if you like - that'll bring our aCloud offering to life.

Tomorrow, CTO Stuart Allsopp shares just some of Sazneo's key features & benefits.

Chris BayneChris Bayne, CEO

Aston graduate Chris co-founded Armstrong Consultants in 1993, taking it from entrepreneurial start-up to the largest dealer in the Access channel. Since Armstrong's acquisition in 2008, Chris has lent his creative leadership to all areas of the business and was the driving force behind the 2011 MBO.


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