10 supply chain predictions for 2013

21 February 2013

Senior supply chain leaders will need to work closer with chief innovation officers as the role of technology grows across global networks in 2013, according to IDC.

The technology analyst said rising levels of volatility and complexity in global supply chains was creating a need for greater resilience and responsiveness.

It added that companies were now looking for increased agility and speed as they look at factors required to meet the modern demands of their customers, such as proximity sourcing.

"In 2013, the necessity for speed in the context of complexity and data overload will require that supply chains embrace resiliency and become 'massively multidimensional'," said Simon Ellis, practice director at IDC Manufacturing Insights.

"Supply chain responsiveness is a first principle, including improving forecast accuracy, certainly; while also driving for more flexible and agile factory networks and broader visibility."

In IDC's Manufacturing Insights study the analyst makes 10 supply chain predictions for 2013, which are:

  1. Resiliency becomes a priority for end users looking to master 'massive multidimensionality'
  2. On the supply side of the supply chain, recognising the inherent cost of long lead-times, manufacturers continue to look at global networks through the lens of both regional and country-level sourcing
  3. On the demand side of the supply chain, recognising the need for better service levels and mass customisation, manufacturers look again to postponement techniques and data analytics to drive more effective customer insights and 'smarter' fulfilment
  4. End user IT organisations will have to support a more productive supply chain ecosystem
  5. Service excellence becomes a strategic priority
  6. Supply chains will optimise omnichannel customer service and cost by enabling trustworthy, efficient and effective supply chains
  7. End users will focus efforts to improve collaboration both upstream with suppliers and downstream with customers to better compete in a faster world
  8. Supply chains will invest in technologies that enable visibility, visualisation and virtualisation
  9. The 'modern' supply chain gets 'smarter'
  10. The Big Data 'era' dawns for supply chain organisations


Rob Hodgson
Sales & Accounts Manager - WMS 

Rob Hodgson, WMS Sales & Accounts Manager

Rob HodgsonRob has more than eight years' experience in improving business processes, with particular expertise in logistics and warehousing. Working globally - including UK, India, USA, and Europe (namely Holland, Denmark and Ireland) - Rob has an in-depth knowledge of the issues that world-wide businesses face, and the solutions required to improve operations and ultimately to increase the bottom line.



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